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During the course of any class, you will be required to process a great deal of information and since your understanding of the subject will be tested, you will need an effective way to learn the concepts and remember them. The Study Tools are scientifically proven methodology that will help you outline and remember the important pieces of information presented. The objective of our Study Tools is to give you the Knowledge, Practice and Confidence necessary to pass your exams with flying colours. Samples of Paper I and Paper II.

The Study Guide

The Installation Rules Study Tools consists of the Study Guide, Past Exam papers with Memos and the Exam Simulator Software. The Study Guide is divided into three sections: The first section gives you carefully worked out examples of calculations. The second section is divided into Modules 1 to 10 where you will be guided through the theory part of SANS 10142 by answering questions similar to the ones you will get in the actual exam sitting. The third section are revision exercises provided as a means to test your understanding of the concepts covered.

The Exam Simulator

Face your final exams with an unquestionable confidence. The Exam Simulator is the ultimate preparation tool designed to give you more exercises and practice to assist in cementing your understanding of the material covered in the course. The Exam Simulator Software does not generate exam questions haphazardly but it will systematically generate ten exam questions similar to the ones you will face in the actual wireman's licence exam session. Generate as many exams and set aside three hours to answer generated questions for each session.

Exam Simulator

SANS 10142 - Simple, Accurate And Easy To Use

The Installation Rules Study Tools are designed based on the principle that for a product to be effective: It must be accurate, affordable, simple, versatile and easy to use.

Our Commitment

Our promise to you is excellent customer service and best support that is guaranteed to produce positive results and to exceed your expectations. We are committed to your success and our pledge is to serve you to the best of our ability.


The Study Tools are easy to use and offer a self-paced method of study to help you prepare for the exams in the shortest possible time. You will cover all important areas of the course with great emphasis on the sections that will be in the actual exam sitting.

SANS 10142

We have thoroughly researched every topic that is covered in the wireman's licence exams and we have developed excellent Study Tools with specific content that is critical for you to know, understand and apply in the exams.

Course Objectives

The student is expected to demonstrate ample Knowledge, Understanding and Application of SANS 10142 and applicable Standards in the exams. We have made sure that the objectives of the course are met by providing you with the best Study Tools.

  • The paper 2 study guide was the best assistance one could ever get. I wrote the exam in April and this helped me tremendously and am positive that I, not only passed, but well enough to be jubilant. Now, I am looking forward to doing paper 1.
    SANS 10142 | Satisfied Student
  • I Thank You very much and appreciate all that you have done, in the manner you have responded to my message. The information and data you have given, seems more than ample to become a first class student. I guess the rest shall be up to me to achieve it. The username and password enabled me to download the files...Once again Thank You and it was nice doing business with you.
    SANS 10142 | Satisfied Student
  • Once again I give You good News of Me Passing My Paper 2 Exam, first time round! The Paper was a Challenge as I wrote During Our Fasting Period of Ramaadaan , but I have Passed with the great Help of Your Study Aid! I will always be grateful to You and I will Promote Your study Aid Guide to My friends in this field! Now I move to My next step of unit standards Thank You.
    SANS 10142 | Satisfied Student
  • I would just like to say a big thank you for your Installation Rules Study Guide. I have passed Paper 2 with a 72 % aggregate and can only attribute this success to working through your guide. It certainly was well worth the few hundred rand. I must add that I wrote the Paper 2 previously without the study guide and failed. Thanks again, I would be happy to recommend your Study Guide to anyone.
    SANS 10142 | Satisfied Student
  • Thank you very much. Really, really much appreciated. My guys are getting on well and soon I will send them for wireman's at soon as they are ready. Best study material in SA at the moment. Money well spent. Cheers...Thank you so far for everything. I already started with your guides and find it so much easier to work with. If I experience any problems I will email you.
    SANS 10142 | Satisfied Sudent
  • Thanks so far for all the help. I find it much easier to work with your study guides. Also where you got past papers worked out, you not only giving the answer but where to find it in the Regulations and you explain what you are doing. Thank you...
    SANS 10142 | Satisfied Student
  • Backfeed on the study material that you send per email,I went through paper 1 halfway and this I recomend is a great investment on the type off information you supplied. I attend a conference zone recently for paper 1 and 2 and that is not even close to the amount of information you supplied I will defently recomend everyone who are trying to pass this exam to contact you.
    SANS 10142 | Satisfied Student
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Frequently Asked Questions about the Installation Rules Course, Exams, Unit Standards and Wireman's Licence.
Where do I register for the Installation Rules exams? Register at any FET College in South Africa near you.
What is covered in the Installation Rules course? Information regarding the Installation Rules course syllabus.
Which regulation books are required for the course? Codes of practice required for the Installation Rules course.
Where can I purchase the books required for the course? The Installation Rules books may be purchased from SABS.
What is the latest edition of the Electrical Installation Regulations? You may access the latest EIR of 2009 document.
What are the requirements for the Wireman's Licence? Wireman's Licence registration with the Department of Labour.
Additional material with regards to obtaining your Wireman's Licence. Excellent information to read about Wireman's Licence.
What are the Wireman's Licence Unit Standards? Also listed below. A good read about Wireman's Licence Unit Standards.
Inspect and test a single phase domestic installation. The Title of Wireman's Licence Unit Standard 258966.
Complete a certificate of compliance for a single phase domestic installation. The Title of Wireman's Licence Unit Standard 113898.
Test and inspect a three phase industrial / commercial installation. The Title of Wireman's Licence Unit Standard 259197.
Issue a certificate of compliance for domestic/commercial/ industrial installation. The Title of Wireman's Licence Unit Standard 13683.
Who is SAQA? More about South African Qualifications Authority [SAQA].

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